The Book of Geomancer

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The Book of the Geomancer, or Book of Life, is a mystic tome containing information about the Earth, its history – past, present, and future – and its residents. The book is passed down through generations by the Geomancers.

This replica "The Book of the Geomancer" is a stunning, premium journal that can be used as a book prop, to strart writing your own graphic novel, or doodle your favorite Valiant characters. Comes in a sturdy presentation box.

Featuring a beautiful leather cover with imitation gemstones and handmade blank peper inside.  Everything is handmade - from the leather cover,  the stamped imprints, to the hand-washed cotton pressed paper.  

This is a beautiful, weighty, and solid addition to your bookshelves, coffee table, or on your desk.