Valiant Partners With US Open Cricket To Salute First Responders


Valiant Entertainment is partnering with the US Open Cricket Council for the upcoming US Open to pay tribute to first responders.

Valiant Entertainment is joining forces to pay tribute to first responders with new digital billboards at the US Open event run by the US Open Cricket Council! Fans will have a chance to see heroes from the Valiant Universe supporting the heroes on the frontline of the COVID crisis.

Chairman and CEO of CCUSA, Mahammad Qureshi (MAQ) is pleased to have US Open Cricket partnering with Valiant Entertainment to salute our “Superhero First Responders” during this year’s open. “Bringing Valiant’s pop culture superheroes and the US Open Cricket’s sports heroes’ huge audiences together to salute first responders is a cause that will be heard around the world. This relationship will also bring lots of fun download activities for families to participate in while enjoying the fastest growing sport in the world, US Open Cricket!”

“Promotional Marketing that brings Sports and Entertainment together provides a promotional overlay of value to new and current partners of US Open Cricket Council and Valiant Entertainment,” said Douglas Haase Sponsorship Manager CCUSA and CEO Haaseline Entertainment

Russ Brown, Valiant’s President of Consumer Products, Promotions & Ad Sales, explains why he’s so excited for this partnership. “We are very excited to see how MAQ is taking this massively popular global sport and building it for the US market—for kids as well as adults, and we see a wonderful fit for our transmedia demographic. And he had us at hello when he expressed interest in Valiant’s participation in supporting first responders.”

The US Open runs December 15th – 20th, 2020. For more information please go to For more news about Valiant Entertainment, including new stories for Bloodshot, X-O Manowar, and news about upcoming offerings beyond comics, head over to

As always, Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, and Stay Valiant!

About US Open Cricket

The US Open has been in existence since 2009 under the umbrella of Cricket Council USA (CCUSA) and has made a great impact on the cricketing landscape in North America. Since 2009 a total of over 300 teams have participated in the annual tournament. Teams have come from all over the United States, the West Indies, Canada, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates and even Afghanistan. During this period a total of over 4,000 players have plied their trade with us and a number of them have gone on to represent their national teams in international cricket. A galaxy of stars have graced this tournament with their presences and added to this cricket legends have come across to add glitter to the event. The tournament started with 40 teams playing each year and over a weekend around 100 matches were played. This has been unheard of in the cricketing circles but such was the ambition of CCUSA to spread the game. Over the last two years, the tournament has received the blessings of the ICC which has been a tremendous boost. It has given us the opportunity to invite current international players, with the knowledge that once they get their ‘no objection certificates’ from their respective boards, they can feel free to come and play.

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